How it Works

The Hotel CMS, the Mobile App for Guests and the Mobile App for Hotels are all well-looped for a streamlined hotel operations. The entire system is completely well-planned for not only to easily handle the Hotel's day-to-day operations, but also to improve the overall Guest experience.

From the beginning of the Guests’ online booking journey until the completion of their stay and their feedback once they return home, everything happen systematically, with hardly any chance of any aspect of Guest experience getting missed out.

Mobile Application for Hotels

Create multiple roles for handling multiple operations or allow one single person to handle all the operations, with the three major areas, namely, Room Services, Housekeeping Services and Task (Complaints from Guests) Management. Once a Guest raises a request, or places an order for food, or requests for a towel or shampoo, or complains that the fan is not running, the request or complaint will directly come to the concerned department. The food delivery, or delivery of accessories, or the task can be immediately taken and fulfilled by the concerned person from the respective department.

Content Management System for Hotels

You will have one single system to manage the entire end-to-end operations of your hotel. The Application comes with all the functionality modules that you will require to offer a complete digital experience to your Guests. Configure room types and number of rooms in each type, pricing and the availability in calendar. Add restaurants within your hotel and menu in each restaurant, bar and the bar menu items, along with images and price. Add special services like spa, massage, etc, along with the timings for service availability and price. Create offers and discounts specific to all the Guests or a particular set of Guests. Manage ratings and reviews from the Guests. Manage orders for food and beverages, bar items and housekeeping items. Also, receive and manage complaints from Guests.

Mobile App for Guests

Your Guests get complete booking access to Hotel Geni partnered hotels. They can check availability and book a hotel. Your Guests can create a profile in the Hotel Geni App, upload an identity proof that needs to be shown during check-in process and avoid the queue and time that will be spent during the check-in. They get to know about all the offers and discounts in different hotels. They may book room services like food and beverages, liquor and accessories like shampoo, towel, extra pillow, right on their mobile app or tablet and get it delivered to their rooms. They don't have to wander around the hotel, looking for people and asking them for each and everything they would need during their stay in the hotel. They can also get complete access to front desk like wake-up call or taxi. They can give reviews and ratings for every service they avail from the hotel. Or, if they want to complain about an issue? By all means, they can do it from their app.