Add value to your hotel

Encourage your Guests to stay longer and come back again and again. Offer a pleasant experience to your Guests and encourage them to stay as much time at your hotel. Upsell your services or promote products or services from your local partners.

You will not only be generating a new and additional source of revenue, you will also be saving money that would go as commissions to booking engines, travel agents and other such websites, catering to hotel deals.

Revolutionizing Hotel Operations

Thoughtfully planned and designed to add value to the Guest servicing.

  • Front office Management

    This functionality module gives you complete control on the room bookings. Know the number of Guests, who have checked-in and number of booking enquiries, previously checked in Guests and list of bookings.

  • Room Service Management

    This functionality module offers you complete provision for adding restaurants, bars and housekeeping requests. Add multiple restaurants and menu items for each restaurant, bar menu items and housekeeping items, all segregated for an easy selection and booking.

  • Special Service Management

    This functionality module gives you complete access to adding special services that you are offering at your hotel, such as spa, massage, facial, pedicure, etc, Add title and attractive description for each special service and also mention the duration of the service and cost.

Retaining Guests

Make their stay as pleasant and motivate them to avail your services.

  • Offer Management

    This functionality module gives you complete provision for creating offers and discounts, specific to all, or first time Guests or special guests. Create an offer with a title, duration of the validity of the offer, an attractive description, original cost of the service and the offer cost.

  • Reputation Management

    Allow your Guests to provide ratings and reviews on each of the service they avail from your hotel. View the ratings and reviews and also reply to them to show that you value their feedback and you care to offer a better service next time.

  • Complaints Management

    View the list of complaints from every Guest in-stay at your hotel. Make sure the complaints are being attended. See if the task has been assigned to someone already or yet to get assigned. View the list of pending complaints and closed complaints. Also, assign somebody for pending complaints.

Hotel Admin

One stop access key to entire hotel operations and Guest servicing.

  • Hotel Configuration

    Add room types, number of rooms in each type, title for the room types, an attractive description and the cost. You may also add photos for describing the look and feel and appearance of the rooms.

  • Audit Management

    Get a complete overview of all the Hotel operations. Know how long it takes for the food and other services to get delivered after the Guest orders. Know how long your staffs are taking to attend and solve the complaints raised your Guests. Know if all the services are getting rendered as per the SLA, and improve your operations and services accordingly.

  • Master Settings

    The Admin can create different masters for food categories, bar categories, types of complaints, hospitality items, housekeeping items, amenities and also create email templates to send to the CMS users, Mobile App users and Guest users.

Journey of Hotels with Hotel Geni

Identifying the current problems our hotels are facing

  • Incurring unnecessary expenses

    With reservations mostly coming from OTAs and GDS, you have been actually paying them for each Guest they bring in.

  • Provide complete booking access to Guests

    Give complete booking access to your hotel rooms, directly to your Guests and avoid incurring expenses on commissions to OTAs and GDS.

  • Get return on investment

    When you are offering so many facilities in your hotel, on which you are investing, you do want your guests to utilize these facilities completely, throughout their stay.

  • Promote your services

    Promote your services in a way that can captivate their attention and persuade them to use your services.

  • Complete access to hotel services

    Let them have every information on all the special services, room services, offers and discounts at your hotels.